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noun: od·​ys·​sey

a long journey involving many exciting experiences

Oddyssey is a team of over 15+ individuals, boasting decades of experience and expertise in AI, Technology, Gaming and Esports.

Oddyssey is developing a leading Esports odds-making platform driven by years of historical data and AI. 
With high-accuracy pre-match odds and fully automated live & prop odds API, Oddyssey will become a market leader in the odds-making industry.

Lloyd Oddessey.jpg



Being an experienced sports bettor and avid gamer, Lloyd also brings AI, gaming and betting B2B and B2C experience from leading international brands through to new start ups. With this in mind, Lloyd is the perfect leader for us to embark on our odyssey.


Head of Engineering

Bart worked as a data scientist and a machine learning engineer for over 10 years in East Asia and in US. He likes numbers, primes and odds. It always excites him making intelligent systems (and algorithms) even smarter, faster and more stable.

Ilgu Oddessey.jpg
Cramer Oddyssey.png



Cramer decided to major in Statistics after becoming fascinated with RedSox Baseball and Sports Statistics. After 10 years working for a ML project in various areas, (Cellphone, Automobile, Steel, etc) now he comes back to his dream as a data scientist for (E)Sports Statistics. Plus, he has been playing League of Legends and World of Warcraft for a long time and always looking for anyone to play with.



Lucas has worked as a data scientist and a software engineer for 3 years and has a special insight in betting strategy. Everyday thinking of an extraordinary experiences in Esports betting for the customer.

Lucas Oddyssey.png
Alex Oddyssey.png



Alex has an odd yet strong belief toward Esports, like traditional sports, that could be predicted and concluded by a series of numbers. As he makes better odds and predictions, his belief became odder and stronger. Now, the odd guy is now on his "oddessey" to discover numbers to concrete his odd belief.

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